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Adult Parties

Awesome Adult Party Ideas

Looking for a fun, easy to organise Party idea? Marking a special date? - Birthday, Anniversary or just want a bit of a jolly with your mates? Battlefield LIVE is great for all kinds of parties with an action theme. 

At Battlefield LIVE North Devon our army parties on our dedicated battlefield are suitable for players aged 6+ That is not to say it is a kids game though! We've also got gaming guns made especially for big boys and girls too, just like the M4 Siren is holding here...

Here at Battlefield LIVE North Devon, we have a standard session of 2.5 hours which is long enough for most parties. Unlike Paintball or Airsoft we play a mix of games some where when you die you're out but most when you die, you simply go back to your start point and respawn yourself straight back into the action! For adult parties this session costs just £25 per player and includes: 

  • 2.5 Hours of safe action packed combat entertainment
  • FREE entry to The Big Sheep for the rest of the day (Worth up to £12 per player)
  • Clean laundered combat coveralls - to protect your clothes
  • State of the art Battlefield Sports SATR gaming gun to use
  • FREE squash and cold drinks for the duration of your session

We're able to supply adults with Smoke Grenades for use on site, perfect to give you that bit of extra cover for that big push or assault, and if you're with us to celebrate, why not have a barrel of beer from the on site brewary - you can even enjoy it whilst you play, kick starting your celebrations!

If you're combat crazy or you think you're John Rambo then you might want to play for longer. We're able to run a 3.5 hour session for just £10 per person extra.